About Me

After earning B.A. degrees in anthropology and psychology—disciplines that demand strong writing and research skills—and graduating with highest honors, I went to work for a small publishing company, starting out as a research assistant and ending up as the research and marketing manager. During my stint there I also began writing, first movie reviews and later on articles.

I left the company in 1994 to pursue a professional freelance writing career and have been scribbling away on my own ever since. My primary focus has been on magazine writing, usually trade and business publications but I’ve also written for several consumer ones. However, I have worked in other arenas as well, such as editing and proofing manuscripts, providing website copy and also writing profiles for Internet dating (a desperately needed service, in my opinion).

Along the way I have worked for so many interesting clients that I sometimes feel as if my career has been one long round of continuing education, albeit one that I get paid for rather than having to pony up any tuition.

And this is one of the things I like best about my work—talking to knowledgeable people who are generally pretty excited about what they do. At the same time, many of the folks I interview for my magazine articles are unsung heroes; they get up every day, do their jobs and quite often don’t get a lot of acknowledgement for their hard work.

I can change that, at least for a while. I remember one guy I interviewed—he landed on the cover of this particular publication—was so excited that he called my client asking for 15 copies of the magazine for his friends and relatives. I feel privileged that through my writing I get the opportunity to shine a spotlight on peoples’ efforts and give them some well-deserved attention.

More importantly, I like delivering a good product that exceeds expectations. My personal philosophy is not that the client is always right because sometimes a particular story idea doesn’t pan out or projects take an unexpected turn and clients must be informed of the need to take a fresh look. Instead, I consider that my primary responsibility is to make my clients' lives easier, by keeping them apprised, meeting project deadlines, working amicably with others, and delivering an accurate, thoroughly researched and well-written product while leaving my ego out of the mix.

My objective is to give you one less project (and writer) to worry about.
e-mail: pms@charter.net
phone: (562) 290-0406

Published clips, editor references, and resume are available upon request.